How to live and feel luxurious?

You do not need to be rich to feel the luxury.

People always want to live a luxurious life. A mere survival is not for us humans, we want to live it to the fullest. there is nothing wrong in it, in fact this is what separates us from other organisms, we try to live with comfort and luxury, try to maintain a class in society and for that we do all we can.

Give it a thought, do you earn for a bare minimum survival or do you earn to make your life easier, make it more and more luxurious with passing days.

So I have it as a task today, to educate, to help and to learn that how could we feel luxurious without spending much.

follow these steps and you will start luxurious life instantaneously.

Sounds great right?

Know your Luxuries

Since you are reading this blog, you are already enjoying a great luxury. Not everyone can afford a computer or a mobile phone. So start feeling good already mate, you have taken your initial steps towards your luxurious life. Believing is very important.

Eat Luxurious

Door to heart is through stomach and so is of luxury

So these are few things you can follow to feel luxurious while eating:

  • Eat Healthy: Eat healthy and live well. Try to include salads and antioxidants in your diet as much as you can. Foods like raw tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce are a great salads to include with every diet you take.
  • Don’t gulp, eat it: Whenever you take a diet, do not eat just because you want to fill your empty stomach, enjoy your food. Open up your taste buds. Feel the flavors. Chew on it for quiet some time and tell yourself “Not everyone gets such a tasty food, I am lucky”. Trust me, you will smile.
  • Eat out, once in a while: Ask your friends to join you for this weekend. Go out for a diner in a fine dining. Talk and eat. Look around and realize that you are one confident individual.
  • When you cook, Make it special: Every time you cook at home, do not be mechanical. Youtube is a great place, search for recipe and try it out. Try not to repeat same dish twice a week. Eating different food everyday will give you a positive vibe and will make your mind feel like a rich person. And try to make it look good. Use some fine cutlery and decorate the food. Arrange your dining table. Place some flowers, candle light and condiments & seasoning.
  • Include something to drink: If you are fine with liquor, try to include one while you take diner. If you are comfortable with it, keep a bottle of wine at home and take some with dinner. If you are not into liquor, keep a nice Mocktail with diner. Simplest is a glass of Virgin Mojito, easy to make and a wonderful appetizer. Take slow and gradual sips, it is meant to make you feel luxurious, not to satisfy your thirst. 😀

A Healthy Lifestyle is Luxurious

Healthy mind and healthy soul leads to a luxurious life

  • Early to bed and early to rise: Get this straight, we as humans are evolved to sleep as soon as the sun sets and wakeup before it rises. It is never so cool to mess with the mother nature. So sleep early and wakeup early.
  • Plenty of sleep: Sleep at least 8 hours a day, it will give you that positive vibe and approach towards your life. Next day will become a new day and not just another day. Switch off your mobile every time you go to sleep to keep it on silent.
  • Meditation: Do a regular early morning session of meditation. Right before the sunrise, is the best time. No noises, no pollution, subtle wind and awe-inspiring tweets (Actual tweets by birds, not twitter)
  • First thing is a glass of water: We are so crazy. As soon as we wake up, we tend to pick up our mobile phones and looking at the notification is the first thing in the morning. Take a glass of water rather. No, don’t just look at the glass wondering about when will notifications pop up,  drink it. That first glass will hydrate you, revitalize you and freshen you up.
  • Second thing is a smile: As soon as you are done with the glass of water, look in the mirror and smile. Look at your face and say “I am a F**king Beauty”.
  • Let the yoga begin: Rich People, celebrities and every other person who enjoys a luxurious life, also enjoys a yoga session. It is the most effective way of relieving stress and making you feel more confident than ever.

Luxurious is Being Nice

A true gentleman is classy, the great one is nice.

  • Be polite: Do not shout, even if you are angry and intolerant, act with patience and try to keep the calm. If you are polite and sweet to people, you will instantly start getting respect from people and trust me, nothing is more luxurious than that,
  • Stand up when you shake hand: Never, never ever a luxurious personality and a rich mind shake hand sitting in the seat. Be a person of class and show the respect a person deserved who has approached you to shake your hand.
  • Complement others: It is obvious that you would feel jealous from a lot of people. People succeeding around you, while you are sitting on your bed, wondering “DAMN!!”. Even then, complement those people on their achievements. Once you start doing that you will feel as if you are a saint. You will feel like a God, a giver of hope and prosperity. Complementing does not takes away anything from you, only leaves an everlasting impression of your luxurious and classic lifestyle on the other person.
  • Be a good listener:  Be a good listener, listen to what people has to say. Speaking too much and too often and not letting people say what they want to, will leave you void of knowledge and will frustrate the other person as well. Instead, try to listen, what people have to say. Believe me, people around have more knowledge than you think.
  • Respect for older and Women: Always respect women and old aged people. You will start feeling that luxurious and classy difference as soon as you pull a chair for a lady. Help an old man cross the road or just simply open the door.
  • Donate and help: Offering help to the one in need and donating, what you could be the greatest luxurious feel you could get. Imagine taking a  poor, roadside boy for a dinner or at Mac Donald’s. Won’t it feel luxurious?

Include the Rich Elements

You don’t feel rich, unless you do rich

  • Get the interiors done: Give your house a makeover, do the interiors as if you are in a hotel room. You do not need to spend much, research the net and visit a few shops, you will realized that the stuff that looks luxurious and expensive is not usually so expensive. Make a good bedroom and a great bathroom.
  • Buy proper clothing: Never wear cloths that do not fit you. Wearing cloths with right fitting will make you look like you own those cloths. Wearing loose, under or over fitted cloths will only make you look poor and in no way luxurious. When it comes to clothing, Quality is more important than Quantity.
  • Accessorize yourself: Wear a branded watch, a branded belt, Branded Shoes and Spectacles or sunglasses. Do not consider spending on such stuff as a waste of money. The right perspective to look at it is as an investment. Buying a great watch, shoes etc are none less than investments, investment on your personality and class. Use a Shower gel to take bath. A nice and soft towel. Separate fluffy bedroom slippers and other such stuff.
  • Take a Bath: Never leave home without taking a bath. Taking a bath makes you look and feel more luxurious instantaneously.
  • Wear a perfume: Every time you leave home, wear a perfume. Not just a cheap Rs. 100 one, wear an expensive one, it is also as good as an investment.

So these are a few things you can try out.

Let me conclude by saying that you can always feel luxurious and in real terms, luxury is a relative term. What is regular for you (a car, a house to live in, a mobile phone) is a luxury for others. What you only need to do is push it, just a little bit up, and you would feel more luxurious than ever.

Will get back with some more awesome stuff, till then Enjoy..!!

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