I feel like a real life Batman

Ever wondered how difficult it was for Batman to play a billionaire boy by day and a super hero by the night?

It is never what you do that gives you satisfaction but what you crave to do the most. Baman being a billionaire, never tries to enjoy the bounties the way he could have. I sometimes get flabbergasted by the way he keeps hurting himself, getting his ass kicked all the time. He could easily (like really) enjoy being a billionaire, go party, hookup with girls and all sorts of stuff. But what does he otherwise choose to do? Getting his ass kicked and yes obviously kicking ass too.

The point is, what drives him to do that? Inspite of having everything (I know money can’t buy everything, but still), he risks his life, to achieve what?

It is his passion. His passion is not in enjoying what he already have, it is his inner drive, the most prominent desire to take a risk and fulfill his dream of making his city crime free. And to achieve it, he is ready to give up everything, not just the fun he could have but the money, relationships, time and a hell lot of effort for something he is not even sure of.

So how am I related?

  1. Playing two roles: I am a lawyer by the day, and a developer by the night. By Graduation and by profession, I am a lawyer, a 3 year practicing lawyer at the bar. But at the night, I become a web developer, a graphic designer and a crazy geek hacker.
  2. Taking Risk under a shadow: Very few people know that I am handling two tasks at a time, I am always under a shadow, for the whole world I am a lawyer, but in the shadow of my legal practice, I am developer, a crazy one..
  3. Not Cowardly but a planned Courage: Unlike many others, I don’t take absolute and untrustworthy risks. I am more like batman, taking risks under the shadow of a security. Cowardly? I don’t think so. Even Batman knows that if he wants to achieve his dreams, he need money. Security is a smart decision, not a Cowardly one. So why is legal profession more secure? My dad is a leading advocate and this brings us to next point..
  4. Daddy Power: Batman has everything (Mainly Monetory) through his Dad, and guess what my legal career is almost comparatively secure because of already instituting cases in our office.

But the question is, why do I do it?

Same as Batman, I just F**king love it. It is my passion to creat new things, innovation, creativity and whole lot of technology. I never had a professional training in this, I am almost self taught, but I never got defeated. I have clients in both fields and I am working for both with full dedication. It is difficult, sometimes I had to work for 20 hours a day for weeks, but it is worth it.. what I get in return is not just money, but a feeling of satisfaction and peace, a feeling of calm.

So Yes I feel like a real life Batman, and this feeling is awesome.

I will keep posting on more about myself in future, till then ENJOY!

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