Secrets of Shanka – Male rape a reality to know about

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Shanka is a regular 15 years old boy. He studies in 9th grade. A decent student. His mom wakes him up early morning at 7, “Wake up Shanka, or you’ll get late for school”. Shanka opens his eyes, tries to wake up, but those heavy eyelashes, do not want to lift themselves up. Mom calls again. “Wake up..!!”. Shanka gathers all the courage he could. As he was lying  with his stomach down, he pushed both his hands and sat. Looked at his mom and said “Mom I am not feeling well, could I please not go to school today?”. Mom Broadened her eyes in complete disagreement. Shanka knew, all his efforts to miss the school are useless. He stood and walked to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and gargled with a grrr sound. His father was still asleep, his office starts a bit late. “Why can’t my school start late just like my dad’s office” said Shanka.

As soon as Shanka was done brushing he came to his bed again and mom handled him a glass of milk. Being the most lazy milk drinker, he took an easy 30 min period for one glass and kept devising reasons to give to his teacher for not completing his homework.

He went to the bathroom and took a quick bath, wore his uniform and stood waiting for his school bus, outside the gate. As he was waiting he kept thinking, if I could just run from here, if there could be a way to avoid going to school..

Shanka’s Mom always thought that Shanka is a good scorer, he is lively and energetic, why does he always want to avoid going to school.

As the bus came, Shanka boarded and sat on one his favourite seat that the bus driver kept specially reserved for him. The bus driver kept on teasing him “So Shanka, did you make any girlfriend?” Shanka, as his habit, just simply smiled, not saying anything. The bus driver kept on instigating, just to make sure not to hurt Shanka, but sure enough to get something out of him.

The bus reached the school, Shanka kept sitting on seat, waiting for other’s to get out, he finally deboarded last. As Shanka was standing outside the gate he paused for a moment, it felt like a great force is stopping him from entering into the school. But he knew he had to, there was no other option for him.

Shaka finally took a step and walked to the class. As the school prayer started, Shanka added his additional plea to the god, requesting for a good day, requesting for a calm and peaceful day.

The periods started, Shanks kept listening to the teachers, looking at the wall clock momentarily, waiting for every minute to pass. It was 9:20, he looked back at the teacher and then at the black board. He kept listening. He turned again to look at the clock, it was 9:25, “Damn it” he whispered, “Why is every 5 minute so long.?” He just wanted the school end quick and run home.

The whole day passed, only five more minutes to leave for home. Shanka packed his bag and was ready to listen to the sweet sound of the bell. The bell rang and Shanka was the first one to stand up, he rushed out of the class as fast as he could, the teacher thought he is a notorious guy, asked him to wait and as a punishment be the last one to leave the class. Shanka was worried, his heart beat escalated, sweat started dropping from the forehead, hands shaking bit. But he stood waiting, praying that the students from the class just rush a bit faster. He didn’t wanted to be late.

As the last student went out, he looked at his teacher for permission and the teacher nodded in agreement. Shanka rushed out of the class as if he is being chased by wild dogs. And as soon as he reached the stairs, he saw his seniors standing and talking. He looked away, trying to avoid talking to them. On of the senior called, “Shanka come here”, Shanka didn’t wanted to, he denied and kept walking. One of the seniors came and slammed his fist in his back, Shanka said “I will miss my bus please let me go”, “No you won’t, the bus will leave after 1 hours” the senior responded, “Come with me” he said. Shanka knew that if he wouldn’t go he will get more beating so he did as they said. The seniors took him to the class, an empty class, no one was there, they removed his and their pants. One of the senior asked him to bend down, as Shanka bends down he starts crying, one of the seniors grabs his face with hand allowing no sound to escape, another one who already had his pants off, started creasing Shanka’s anal opening with his finger and applied some saliva. Shanka knew what was coming, he knew what is going to happen, it will be the same as daily. The senior started rubbing his penis on Shanka’s anal opening and then pushed slowly. Shanka’s eyes rolled up in pain and agony, he started crying even harder. One of the seniors said “Stop crying or I will be more rough on you.” Shanka managed to bear the pain, he stopped crying and started to breath heavily. Face blood red, nose and eyes dripping with unbearable pain. The senior standing just in front of him grabbed his face and opened his mouth, entering his penis in. Shanka stopped crying and just wanted this to end quickly, so that he could just go home.

As one of the seniors released his seamen in Shanka’s anus and spoke in highly abusive language “take it in motherfuc**r”. As he moved away, another one came and entered his penis in. 3 of them took turns, slamming his anus, slapping his face occasionally. While the another one was busy banging his mouth. Shanka cried vomiting as the one banging his mouth, released all of his seamen in Shanka’s mouth.

It finally ended, Shanka was bleeding, he had already vomited for a few times. His legs were shaking, his face looked like a beaten dog. The seniors left the class, leaving Shanka as he was. Shanka cried and gather courage. He stood up and wore his pants again. Shanka walked out of the class and into the washroom, looked at his face, looked in his own eyes, he then looked up and said “Why god, what have I done wrong to you?”

As Shanka came out of the school, he  carried a smile on his face, like nothing happened. The seniors who just raped him were laughing and so did Shanka himself, he didn’t wanted anyone to know what happened and what happens daily.

Shanka was in his bus, but was at peace, he knew he is going home, he knew that he would be safe, but only till tomorrow.


Story of Shanka is a fiction, but this happens more commonly than we think. Parents are worried about the girl child and her safety and they just ignore to accept that things like this, rape of their male child can also happen.

According to psychologist Dr. Sarah Crome, fewer than 1 in 10 male-male rapes are reported, this is due to lack of services and support and the legal system is not even properly equipped to handle such situations.

People are living a myth that males are not vulnerable to such problems, what they fail to realise that young boys are usually weak and fall into hands of stronger perpetrators.

Another myth that people tend to believe is that males do not feel traumatic as much as a female would after a rape. A study shows that the depression and hostility are more profound on male victims immediately post-rape than female victims. It traumatized for years.

As my reader, I request you to please spread awareness and stop rape on boys. #stopboyrape

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