A WordPress Intro video

One of my dearest friend is a Happiness Engineer at WordPress.com. He asked me to bring my camera and to shoot an introductory video for him to upload on their internal website. I guess they all do 😉

He got busy for quiet some time then finally a day came, his 102nd day at WordPress and he finally decides to make an introductory video.

So, we began with climbing some local mountains at Jaipur, it started pretty well, but guess what, I totally wore wrong shoes today, got slipped and got  pretty hurt.. 😐

But I guess it happens, we finally reached a shot mountain top and started filming.. every thing was going normal. We took some great pictures.

We started with his video (Introduction), 1 minute video, in just one take.. (Which I am not allowed to post here) 😐

But could I be stopped from posting some image from up there.. nope.. so here we  go, good day Sir..

Nice range I must say, these are a small part of Arawali Mountain Range, more about it here.

But then, we did something crazy, he said that there is a blog and we WordPress employees post our “Office Today” pics and show different places where we have worked today, and an idea clicked me and I clicked the idea (Tit for tat to that idea). And this is what we came up with.. Yup that is me holding him lol.. any way his girlfriend always said that I am her “The other Women” (Though I am a straight male).

Hahaha.. that was so amazing, I really wish he would upload it, this might be another viral one.. after the recent “Sonam Gupta Bevafa Hai“.

Well that was fun and full of excitement, would love to go on a short photography expedition once more.

Till then, ENJOY!


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