I feel like a real life Batman

Ever wondered how difficult it was for Batman to play a billionaire boy by day and a super hero by the night?

It is never what you do that gives you satisfaction but what you crave to do the most. Baman being a billionaire, never tries to enjoy the bounties the way he could have. I sometimes get flabbergasted by the way he keeps hurting himself, getting his ass kicked all the time. He could easily (like really) enjoy being a billionaire, go party, hookup with girls and all sorts of stuff. But what does he otherwise choose to do? Getting his ass kicked and yes obviously kicking ass too.

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Genesis of Crime

Another day at High Court, waiting for my case to reach and listening to some on going Proceeding.

This is something interesting… While the lawyers were trying to figure out a way to get though the case, the Hon’ble Judge made a marvelous observation.

So there were two FIRs(First Information Report), basically counter FIRs.

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