Priorities in a relationship

Majority of us take our parents for granted, we know they are not going to go away from us even if we take them for granted.

But what would you do if your father calls you in the middle of an important call… and his call goes waiting.. what would you do?

A few would first attend the important call and call their father just after and an other few would just simply ask the person on important call to hold for a while (He is father after all.. ;))

But would you just ignore him and do not call back, in spite of the fact that he called you more than 4 times while you were busy on another call?

What would think when you see 5 or 6 missed calls? Is it worth avoiding?

I guess not, you would definitely call him back, you would ask him what is the matter.. wouldn’t you?

And even if you couldn’t call, would you not even care to drop a message?

I guess you would..

Yes you would call back, you would ask what is the matter, and if you couldn’t call back you will drop a message.

Now try to carry out these things in a relationship with your partner… we know that a long-lasting relationship makes you take each other for granted. But this does not mean that you change the priorities.

Try to look at the situation like this, do not ignore your partner, in fact you are the one on whom he or she depends the most. I have seen people crying just because their partner changed the priorities and took them for granted. It broke them and dragged them to the verge emotional breakdown. But it is not the answer.

So what can we do?

  1. Stop ignoring your partner and let them know they are special, specially when they are low.
  2. Do something special for them ever so often, no matter how busy you are, because your partner is not a free bird… they work hard as well, so getting a few lovely moments in a day, never hurt.
  3. If you see your partner is ignoring you, let them have their time, let them have the break and just keep yourself quiet for a while. Make it a rule, you can not induce love in some one if they do not want to. What you can actually do in such circumstances is that stay silent for a while and let your partner contact you as and when he or she feel free and comfortable. They would only change their priorities if they want you, it is you duty not to disturb them, take a chill pill..

With this I conclude that if you are in a relationship you need to put you partner is a higher priority, at least higher than other people in your life.. 😉


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