Priorities and Work

What goes in your mind when you sit on your work desk, taking a short break, looking outside the window…?

What is that question you ask yourself all the time? What is it that bugs you even in the most busiest days at your office? That my friend is your actual priority…

Let’s break things down into some major thoughts that people have while working and make an attempt to understand those.

What if I was doing some other job?

This is in fact the most common problem with people in job today. We are hardly satisfied with what we have got. A decent salary, not enough; a decent position, not enough; a decent and friendly environment, not enough. 

A student in college wonders when would he or she get a job and enjoy life. A jobless person wonders what if he had a job.. he could live his life better. Someone with job on the other hand wonders that what if I had a better job.

Looking at your friends, you will always think that they have a better job than yours. Their life is far greater because they have got a job you always wanted. But remember…  Grass is always greener on the other side.

Point is… We can never be satisfied.. and this leaves us with two options:

  1. Get the job you want.. at least try for it.. always try to achieve you want the most, not trying, will make you regret on your death bed.
  2. Try to frame your mind that this is the job you are doing. You can do it with a happy and healthy mind or you can cry over your sorrows.. crying is never cool. One of my friend once said, when you are sad and depressed, be awesome instead. And remember, time is the most precious gift. You can use it or let it go to waste. My philosophy is… If you are investing your time in something (yes time is the greatest investment, it costs you your life span) do it with all your heart and put all the efforts. Even if you don’t like something you are doing but you are investing your time… Just do it with passion, if it doesn’t make you feel happy, it will definitely give you experience, knowledge and wisdom.

So prioritize… Either make searching and trying for that new job a priority… Or make you present job a one.

I need a life partner

Yaaa..! Everyone needs a life partner. But thinking about it will only disgut you.

I know, feel of belonging has no match. It drives you crazy… Sometimes crazy enough to stay up all night long and you have your office at 9 in the morning.

What is worth considering is it’s priority. You can either prioritize and put your work first but if the thought of being in someone’s arms is so frequent that it is completely disturbing your work.. then my friend you have already set your priorities straight. Your priority is a partner, you just don’t realize it.

And once you have realised your priority, it is time to act. Go grab every opportunity. And once again remember this… action expresses priority and not the words.

Multitasking is my beeaatch

Many of us… Including me, are so fond of putting their mind to challange. People like these make it an aim to do everything they could. But what they really fail to realize is that we are not multitasking computers, practically stating, we can handle only one task at a time.

Prioritizing in such circumstances becomes a rather requisite task. Because unless you prioritise you will be good for nothing.

Let us take an example, Our beloved Johny loves to play foot ball but at the same time he loves singing and at the same time he loves to read books, loves to write, loves to watch a movie loves his work where he consult people on their relationships and he also loves his girlfriend.

But can he do all that at the same time? With same intensity and effort. No he can’t, he is not a superhuman.

So he prioritize, he puts up his consulting at the first.. because it is something that he not only loves but same thing gives him earning as well.. he then puts foot ball.. because out of all other things, he loves football the most and he keeps prioritizing things in same fashion. This way, Johny can invest his precious time and effort in the things he love and like and can obviously give more time and effort to things he keeps first and have more importance in his life. This not only makes him fell happy and satisfied but he can put more of his energy into thi gs that really matter to him the most and he can then sleep in peace at night.

Wow wow wow! Did I just forget Johny’s girlfriend? ??

Well I didn’t, Johny did.. it is his priority to keep his work before relationship, lets hope his girlfriend is understanding enough.. ?

How to prioritize?

Take a deep breath and follow my lead:

  • Get a note book, no.. not a note book application in your mobile phone.. get an actual note book and a pen.. because writing with a pen on a paper affects your lazy brain.. SCIENCE MY FRIEND.. SCIENCE!!
  • As soon as you get up in the morning, write down the tasks for the day, just write everything down point wise that you need to do for the day.
  • Now read the tasks you have just written and put A, B, C….. and so on depending upon the priority you wish to assign to a particular task.
  • Just follow the assigned priority and you will be a super star.. ?


So prioritizing tasks at work is in fact a good habbit. It makes you feel satisfied. You can count your achievements for the day when you are on your bed at night. Because when you prioritise, you are psychologically driven to complete a task.. and a completed task makes a happy mind.

I hope this would help.. till then.. enjoy..!!

4 responses to “Priorities and Work”

  1. This is so good and can’t relate to this enough. Many of the youth are facing this dilemma now or then. But i guess we are more stucked. We do have so many tasks that remain accomplished, when the time to sleep arrives. And then when you open your eyes the next day, you have incomplete tasks of the last day plus to dos of the day. That’s what makes you more depressed and unsatisfied.
    They say your competition should be YOU, but to live with a competition daily and seeing your competitor perform low, makes you more disheartened.

    And all this is due to overthinking of things. So this is a giant loop of thinking, not being able to finish it off, people who matter to us, our responsibilities towards them, and our passion.

    Concluding statement would be, We live once, without worrying much about the result, one should give everything(they could do) a shot. We might not be a Super human, but humans definitely are superior. And a human’s brain can handle things if the tasks are properly prioritised.

  2. The best section in this blog is Johny’s story. How about adding a Vlog of such examples/stories from next blog onward? You are too good with storytelling Mr. Goswami. Ask your WordCamp Udaipur’s audience. We all loved it. 😀

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