The cute girl I could never talk

The age when I couldn’t control my pee, there is a cute girl in my class who I love to see

Even when I couldn’t tie my lace, I loved to see her pretty face

One day she stopped coming to school, I felt bad and sobbed like a fool

I wished with my child brain, to her I should have walked, but she was the cute girl that I could never talk

Days passed and I grew young, another time another day and one another experience is yet to come

Another cute girl was sitting by my side, my heart missed a beat and eyes left wide

She looked beautiful and adorable, but the courage to speak up was not affordable

She looked at me and I saw her eyes, beautiful, big and deep, they made me feel like one of the crazy guys

Her hair touched my arm like a feather, the hot blowing summer wind, felt like a romantic rainy weather

Days passed by and we sat by side, I wanted to be transparent about my feelings that I didn’t wanted to hide

I saw her laughing with another male, I knew it, it is again that I will fail

Yet another day passed, I still couldn’t walk, she is another cute girl I couldn’t talk

In the mists of loneliness I tried to survive, another cute girl came along and disturbed my mental drive

My heart shook again, body numbed in vain

But looked her from the distance, admiring her at every instance

I didn’t even try to approach her, because I would be the one to suffer

There was no point of walk, I knew she would be another cute girl that I couldn’t talk

Things turned out weird, it was the cute girl’s voice that I hear

That gave me goosebumps, my heart did a few jumps

How could she talk to me? was my first reaction, It is too good to be true was the initial impression

I replied in a soft voice and tried to groove, and that is when I made my move

She smiled like an angel and laughed like there is no tomorrow, I knew she was the one and if I couldn’t get her, it would be the greatest sorrow

I still couldn’t walk, didn’t have the courage to talk

She came to me and did the walk, she was the cute girl, and she did the talk


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  1. Left me awestruck. The other cute girls, might be unlucky or not deserving enough to get asked out by a person like you. Great soul, great human. Hats off Mridul Goswami​ ji. Feels great, when i think a person like you is so close to me.

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