Why can’t you write your own story?

I have just begun with writing blogs. For fun, for utilising my time that I otherwise spend wasting and to tell the world, how I feel about things and happenings around me. But what I realised this morning is very strange and  left me thinking for quiet sometime.

No matter how much I write or what I think about, somehow, I can’t write my own story.

I am not saying that I haven’t attempted it. A few of my blogs were a attempt to let the world know about me.

I just wish if I could tell everyone that how I feel, what have I gone through and what do I have to say about it.

And then I realised that there are hardly few people who could write about their lives. Who could tell their story.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just tell everyone what have you gone through or how did you overcome a particular situation. It would definitely help others with your experience and would help you feel easy by letting it out.

I guess what stops people from telling their stories is a judging audience. But who is not judgmental or when was the last time a great blog survived without a criticism?

If you believe in your story and if you believe that it is worth telling, let the world know. Let it out. In this attempt I shall be posting a story from my life, it has affected me greatly and has shaped my life.

Till then.. Take care.. 🙂

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